Lend a hand

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See someone struggling to carry something?

Cant manage to open a jar?

A few cents shorts on a parking ticket?

Need a hug?

Need someone to talk to?

Stuck at an intersection for a break in traffic?

Be ther bigger person, step up and help out. It will be worth the satisfaction, your contribution can go along way. Help each other out & Cooperate, who knows when you will need it

Stretched Limousine Brings People Together

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In a previous post we mentioned how you could hire a limo if you’ve got a bit to spend collectively rather than taking a taxi. But if you look it from another angle, getting in a limousine together with your friends or family will not only give a posh comfortable ride to your destination but it can bring people together and even rekindle friendships that was lost.

Having misunderstandings with your friends and loved ones is widely accepted as being normal, in that everybody have their ups and downs in life. But you might wonder how a ride in a limo can rekindle the friendship?

Take this scenario for example: you and a friend got invited to a mutual friend’s wedding, let’s call him Trevor. Both of you know how important it is to put your differences aside and be together for the sake of celebrating Trevor’s wedding. At the same time, the thought of sitting beside your friend is excruciatingly painful (emotionally). Well this is where going to the wedding in a limousine together will help. The trick is to get as many of your friends to go in a stretched limo! Think it’s a good idea? Well try a limousine hire service next time.

Let’s just say the total number of people going to the wedding is 16, which includes yourself and that nemesis (your friend) of yours. A stretched limo with the capacity to accommodate 16 people would perfect!

Why? Well you and your friend don’t even have to rub shoulders. Simply get in and the both of you would be drowned amongst the crowd of friends. You both might not be the best of friends but it’s better than sitting to each other and giving the wrong impression that everything is fine.

This example further demonstrates how a luxury limousine ride, sometimes perceived as an expensive and exclusive ride for the rich and famous, can bring people closer than they’d otherwise be. Another cooperation example in action!

White wedding

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Just think about all the corporation that is required to go to a wedding, there is so much to be organized. From the location of the wedding, the time, and the date and also the availabilities of this time and place.

There is also the catering, the band and the guests who need to be invited. There are the limousine and the other required transport should I say.
There is the layout of reception and ceremony including setting out tables and chairs, food, drinks, gifts, and cakes. The theme of the reception and ceremony to be best organized.
Don’t forget the photographers, the suits and dresses, ring bearers, priests and all sorts of different people and places.

It is no wonder why it cost so many thousands and causes so much stress.
Fortunately a lot of hands make for short work by having many people help you out, these people are often friends and family. The whole process can be a lot smoother, and the whole entire wedding organisation is done much quicker.

I say this as friends of mine recently had at their wedding, and everything has to be organized in order for it to be a success. I saw that there was so much involved, and I could not believe it. I asked them the question as to how they were going to achieve so much together and then they basically told me that they had many people helping them.
As a result of the cooperation, they were able to put a wedding together so well, and it was a success. For recommendation, they suggested (www.perthweddingphotographerwa.com.au) for all your photo needs as they were exceptional so they say.

Lets get fit together

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A place where people cooperate and help each other? How about at the Gym? Or any fitness group or partnership for that matter. Most people will not work out by themselves, of course there are those who are but often at times people often like to use the morale support, push and cooperation of their friends, family or acquaintances to help get the job done properly.

On a more advanced note they will us eth assistance of a personal trainer or someone else in the industry with greater knowledge and experience.

By doing this and helping each other out you are more likely to get results more likely to stick to the working out, you will have greater accountability and you will get to share and connect with others.

If you are looking at getting fit this summer, than the gym and cooperating with others there is certainly a great way to get involved.

Car Pooling?

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Lending a hand in transport.

Cooperation can often come about in the sense of transport, for it is an effective and efficient way of travelling both for users as well as for the environment.

For example, say you are going down camping somewhere, rather than four people driving down individually, you can help each other out by all jumping into one car, sharing the fuel cost in addition to the time spent driving.

This way you save time, money and everyone gets a fair share.

Another situation regarding transport could be I the event of nights out where alcohol has been consumed. Its 3am you are stuck out on the street near your favourite club and all you want to do is get home.

Though it may be his job, the taxi driver is certainly there to assist you and offer cooperation in the form of getting you home.

The same can be said about getting there. For example you may rely on the cooperation of friends or family to drive you, a taxi if everyone is having a drink or perhaps if your wallet is a bit thicker the hire of a party bus or limo.

Again it can be swings and roundabouts with people lending a hand and helping out. They help you and you help them, so if they take you out one night, then the next time they call upon you to take them somewhere you kindly accept the request and do that for them.

If we share the load just like sharing transport, and help each other out more often we can create better connection between people, more harmony and greater nature of people sharing, contributing, growing and loving.

Next time someone you know needs a lift, take some time out of your day and help them out with some transport. The satisfaction you receive from helping will be worth it and any fuel money or return in favour will only add.

Casa Co-op

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Casa coop is all about people coming together to help each other out. Whether it be an exchange of money for the return of services, or perhaps the other way around where services are provided for the return of money.

This can range from such things as having a light switch fitted in your house, you pay the electrician for their service of fitting the switch to things of creating a painting for someone and they purchase it off you.

It doesn’t always have to be about money however, and even when it is it can extend based on the quality of service, providing more than you were given.

Cooperation is not always based on monetary value, it can be simply two or more people helping to achieve an outcome, someone helping someone clean up, cross the road, someone to dance with or closing a business deal.

Cooperation and helping each other out is perfect to create a harmonious place to live and share.