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The Benefits of Teamwork and Cooperation

There’s a saying that lots of hands make light work. The essence of the statement is the fact more may be accomplished as a collective than individually. You’ll find so many benefits associated with teamwork. Listed below are my top 6.

1. Creativity

Most of us have different skills, knowledge and personal attributes. By utilising many of these different facets in a team, more ideas can be generated. As more ideas are generated, more creative solutions are generated, resulting in better results.

2. Satisfaction

Insufficient job satisfaction is often one of the main element things highlighted in surveys of employees. Individuals working together as a team to accomplish a goal are continually developing. Because they interact more enthusiasm and energy is established. When this energy is utilised, it produces results which impacts on motivation and causes even more success positively.

3. Skills

Even the best qualified individual cannot have every one of the skills to do everything. Some individuals excel at discovering the ideas. Others love the detail while there are the ones that concentrate on the picture as a whole. There are certainly others who is able to be counted on as it pertains to implementing and continue of an idea.

The main element point is that whenever a team works together, it has an enormous selection of skills available so it can utilise to provide extraordinary results.

4. Speed

Suppose you have a project that requires research, pulling a proposition together, financing it, implementing it and delivering specific benefits. If one individual was allocated this, it might take months and perhaps years to make it work. By divorce the project, work can progress in parallel and the best goal achieved faster.

5. Sounding board

Most of us have a variety of options available to us. If we want to figure out what’s best, we might never progress. Within a team situation, other team members can become a sounding board, allowing us to cut through your options and can get on with those probably to attain the desired goal.

6. Support

It really is amazing the quantity of camaraderie that is established in teams, when the going gets tough especially. People will most likely go from what appears like extreme lengths when they know they can rely on the support and encouragement of the team. Never underestimate the importance of the in obtaining results.

Teams that work very well make an enormous benefit and impact from the rewards that choose this impact. Just how might you leverage the great things about teamwork in your organisation?

Why is cooperation important?

Cooperation is really important because it effectively allows people and groups of people to work together in achieving a shared/common goal/objective or achieve mutual benefits.

There are many levels in which cooperation exists and it takes place not only between individuals and organisations, but also between states and countries.

Cooperation is great as it allows participants to exchange, share and co create valuable info that helps everyone involved improve their level of knowledge base and work in a time and resource effective manner that can be created no other way.

Look at this

Look at the cooperation in this photo. The Balinese people are working together in order to get the boat out into the water.

Though something you may see often, it really is something beautiful. They are connecting and working together to produce the same outcome, and it is only together that they will do so.

One of them trying on their own will never have the boat out.

Together they work stronger, faster and more efficient and within no time the boat will be out cruising around. They will then smile and pat each other on the back with delight for the achievement of their goal.



So what is the definition of cooperation.

1. The action of working together to the same end – For example “John worked in close cooperation with Erik in building a website”

2. Assistance, especially by complying readily with requests. – For example “I would like to ask for your cooperation in cooking dinner”

There are many definitions. But it is all about working together and helping one another

Appreciation Party

Last night I came together with my friends for what we called an appreciation party.

“An appreciation party?, what the..” Well let me explain. With so much always happening and going on in our lives we don’t often slow ourselves down to appreciate the small things in life, whether it be things we see, things we do, hear, smell or whatever it may be.

Especially in today’s society where people are so caught up in their own worlds that they do not appreciate anything that is outside of them.

So last night we came together to appreciate things in life, like our company, our food that we cooperatively created together and the main topic of the night… music.

Music is a beautiful thing and unfortunately something that is often not appreciated enough, especially as mentioned before if it is not the particular kind of music you are interested in. Often you immediately dismiss what you are listening to because you are telling yourself you don’t like it but then you miss out on the opportunity of sharing into the sounds and experiencing the music fully.

We all chose a song that we enjoyed and wanted to share with others. We would all lay down as the music played and just listen to it, nothing more, and nothing less. When the song was over we would then talk to each other about the music piece we had just listened to, how it made us feel, what we liked about it and then collaborate come away with a greater appreciation for that piece and that style of music.

Myself I chose a NZ hip hop group known as @peace, with their spacey hip hop flow on life and death, with powerfully lyrical genius lyrics. It was certainly a hard decision to make, as everyone likes and loves so many songs. By the end of the night we had listened to many different pieces, enjoying each one and enjoying sharing together.

Our appreciation party was beautiful, and I appreciate the invite, my attendance and my experience. It can certainly help to give you a greater perspective on music and sounds that we encounter that never truly take it.

Cooperation of producing music, appreciated by those cooperating to share and listen together.

Broken Down

When your car breaks down it really isn’t a lot of fun.

Anyone who has been involved in that situation before would understand the annoyance and work involved in the event of it occurring.  Here you are driving along the road and all of a sudden ‘Bam’ vehicle decides to stop working. There you are left on the side of the road, all on your own, as others continue to drive by towards their destinations.

However not all hope is lost unless of course its something urgent and in a timely manner such as if it were a wedding car. There are indeed helping hands out there who will look after you to get you off the side of the road and back up and running again. Whether it be the assistance of a towing man, a mobile mechanic or someone giving you a lift.

They are cooperating with you in the situation you are in to resolve the issue at hand. Before you know it, all is well again and you are on your way.

More often than not it cost you some time and some money. But those things come and go. In that experience, you dealt with others, although through possible work and business commitments, you still had dealings and associated time with others who were assisting you and with cooperation together, resolved all.

My car might be broken down currently. Looks like I will be calling upon some bodies to help me out.



This blog is going to talk and share on the beauty of cooperation in the world.

How working on things together can add for so much reward in both the result being produced and the journey of producing that result.

I will be sharing on things from domestic chores to business to sports and much more. Cooperation exists in many places all of the time, and it is often the little once we miss. However they are all beautiful and without them the gift of helping would not be the same.