Broken Down

When your car breaks down it really isn’t a lot of fun.

Anyone who has been involved in that situation before would understand the annoyance and work involved in the event of it occurring.  Here you are driving along the road and all of a sudden ‘Bam’ vehicle decides to stop working. There you are left on the side of the road, all on your own, as others continue to drive by towards their destinations.

However not all hope is lost unless of course its something urgent and in a timely manner such as if it were a wedding car. There are indeed helping hands out there who will look after you to get you off the side of the road and back up and running again. Whether it be the assistance of a towing man, a mobile mechanic or someone giving you a lift.

They are cooperating with you in the situation you are in to resolve the issue at hand. Before you know it, all is well again and you are on your way.

More often than not it cost you some time and some money. But those things come and go. In that experience, you dealt with others, although through possible work and business commitments, you still had dealings and associated time with others who were assisting you and with cooperation together, resolved all.

My car might be broken down currently. Looks like I will be calling upon some bodies to help me out.


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