Appreciation Party

Last night I came together with my friends for what we called an appreciation party.

“An appreciation party?, what the..” Well let me explain. With so much always happening and going on in our lives we don’t often slow ourselves down to appreciate the small things in life, whether it be things we see, things we do, hear, smell or whatever it may be.

Especially in today’s society where people are so caught up in their own worlds that they do not appreciate anything that is outside of them.

So last night we came together to appreciate things in life, like our company, our food that we cooperatively created together and the main topic of the night… music.

Music is a beautiful thing and unfortunately something that is often not appreciated enough, especially as mentioned before if it is not the particular kind of music you are interested in. Often you immediately dismiss what you are listening to because you are telling yourself you don’t like it but then you miss out on the opportunity of sharing into the sounds and experiencing the music fully.

We all chose a song that we enjoyed and wanted to share with others. We would all lay down as the music played and just listen to it, nothing more, and nothing less. When the song was over we would then talk to each other about the music piece we had just listened to, how it made us feel, what we liked about it and then collaborate come away with a greater appreciation for that piece and that style of music.

Myself I chose a NZ hip hop group known as @peace, with their spacey hip hop flow on life and death, with powerfully lyrical genius lyrics. It was certainly a hard decision to make, as everyone likes and loves so many songs. By the end of the night we had listened to many different pieces, enjoying each one and enjoying sharing together.

Our appreciation party was beautiful, and I appreciate the invite, my attendance and my experience. It can certainly help to give you a greater perspective on music and sounds that we encounter that never truly take it.

Cooperation of producing music, appreciated by those cooperating to share and listen together.

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