Another Great Story of Cooperation, Teamwork, and Good Human Beings

People who have cancer live life in hard mode. Those who know cancer patients can attest to this. That’s why we give them distractions to help them forget about the pain, the treatments, and the sickness itself.

That’s why a hospital in New Zealand has a PS4 on their oncology ward for their cancer patients. It’s a great way to de-stress and to just have fun. But as bad luck would have it, somebody nicked the PS4 from the ward.

Now, I truly cannot imagine what kind of person would steal a PS4 from cancer patients but that person does exist. And he just took away the one thing keeping the kids on the ward happy.

But instead on wallowing on the loss, one of the patient’s mother in the ward decided to take matters on her own hands. She went to Facebook and told the story of the unfortunate incident. She also started a crowdfunding campaign to get the money to afford a new PS4.

Now, we all know how crowdfunding stories go. They either succeed or go down in smoke. This one campaign found traction and actually reached a good number of people.

Through the goodwill of man, cooperation, and teamwork. The ward now has around 12 consoles for all their patients. Some of them brand new shipped directly from donors.

These kinds of stories make you proud of how people really value cooperation and teamwork. Better yet, it makes you have faith in humanity once again.

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