Ten Friends Help A Mum Renovate Her Bathroom

Let me tell you a story.


There was once a lady named Marie. She had a daughter named Antoinette – try not to think too hard about that – and a son named Francis. She was a single mother.


Marie needed her bathroom to undergo a severe renovation. The tiles were falling apart. The toilet was on the verge of exploding. She was pretty sure the pipes needed replacing. The shower was clogged.


In short, her home’s bathroom was in no condition to handle one regular user, let alone three.


She called on her friends, Carl and Royce. Yes, she was named after a Rolls Royce, why do you ask? These two misfits, in turn, called eight of their friends to help.


Carl, along with Doug and Danny, brought the muscle. They did a lot of DIY around their homes and knew their way around a renovation project. It helped that Danny’s twin brother Duncan was a plumber and worked for bathroomrenovationsperthwa.com.au.


Royce called her sister Amber, who had experience in interior design. Amber, in turn, brought aboard Slater and Zack, who were willing to help in any way they could. It was fortunate because Slater had a truck and a suspicious amount of bathroom fixtures. Zack, meanwhile, knew how to get all the permits.


The last pieces of the puzzle came when the crew realised they needed more hands and more stuff. The faucets needed replacing too, and it was a good thing Lily was around to buy them.


Finally, Marie herself called in a favour her friend Eric owed her. Thanks to Eric, thy disposed of some asbestos they found safely.


Renovating a bathroom is a lot of work. First, we had to clean the area. Thankfully, Marie runs a tight ship, and the place was already mostly clean.


They took measurements. They checked that everything we used met all Australian standards of quality. They worked as fast as they could because nobody wants to not have a bathroom for very long.


They learned not to move pipework if they could help it. Doing so led to a few issues and they had no choice but to move them back. One mistake caused a pipe to burst, which put a damper on things and slowed them down more than they liked.


In the end, ten people worked together to turn a bathroom on the verge of calling apart into something better and more beautiful. It wasn’t easy, and they had to handle a few hurdles along the way. It all turned out well in the end, though.


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